Alvin Software Development Team

What it takes to build a software product?

If you aren’t in the software business, know that we are here to help you get there. Our team is unique in that we have years of diverse experience: We’ve worked on custom software projects for clients like Adobe, HealthCatalyst, City of South Lake Tahoe, and others.

Here we want to introduce our process by showing what we do every day.

Who we are

Alvin is a team of software developers and designers. We work on-site at our two offices in US and Ukraine.

Alvin Team

Our team is built with motivated individuals, who acquired deep knowledge on how software is used by the end users, what features provide the most value, and all it takes to build it.

Languages and tools we use, promote sustainable development and we are dedicated to deliver most valuable software to the customers.

We don’t just drop in, code, and leave - we’ll work side by side with your team to get job done and setup a process that shows immediate and lasting impact.

What we do

Are you facing a business process optimization challenge? Software integrations? Existing users are requesting new features? Startup idea? Alvin knows what to do.

Whether it is a payment platform or Google Ads API integration we did it previously and will be happy to help you with your next project.

We also design and develop mobile applications and reliable backend.

Our team built custom software for variety of business and help streamlined their processes in order to save time and optimize operations.

Want to see what Alvin can do? Check out some of our work:

Learn more or leave your review on Clutch.

Technology we use

To maintain sustainable development we need to cover wide range of languages, frameworks and skills.

We are Python developers, manual testers, automation engineers, data science specialists, architects and mobile developers.

Primary programming languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang

Web projects written using Django or Flask. New Python-project building using aiohttp.

For JavaScript backend using express or koa. Most of new API-projects use GraphQL so we often accommodate Apollo Server.

We use React or Angular for a frontend.

Primary database used is PostgreSQL. Inside services use Redis, MongoDB, ClickHouse. For search use ElasticSearch. Background task processing - RabbitMQ or Kafka.

For CI/CD using GitLab and Bitrise. Production works on kubernetes (istio, prometheus, elk stack, grafana).

Mobile technology stack


  • Languages: Swift
  • Architectures: VIPER, Clean Swift
  • Common libraries: Moya, IGListKit, Realm, YapDatabase, lottie
  • Additional: developed own components


  • Languages: Kotlin
  • Architectures: MVP, MVVM, VIPER, Android Architecture Components
  • Common libraries: Retrofit, Realm, Lottie, MotionLayout, Glide
  • Additional: RxJava, Coroutines

Our process

Custom software with setup process goes far beyond custom code and defines digital product.

We’ve iterated extensively over the years doing software development and now have a great workflow centered around product we are building for you.

Define objectives of the software, answer questions like “Who will use the product?” and “Are you creating a product for niche market?”, layout the reasons it been developed.

By going through this exercise we are defining the bottom line of the product.

Continuous delivery in short cycles allows us to adjust and test new features, incorporate new requirements and launch the best product possible.

We work closely with you and your users to maintain a constant pace indefinitely. Plan, create, test and deploy is our daily routine.

Maintenance phase of software lifecycle is the most expensive and tedious part of building a digital product and use of sustainable tools and methodologies allows us to respond quickly to your future needs.

Budgets we set

We were forced to wisen up budgeting our projects when few of them run out of money before achieving their goals.

We want you to have enough money to succeed.

By prioritizing goals but not features we can get the most value out of the remaining budget.

With well managed capital we can deliver on our brand promises:

  • We will give you a great experience.
  • We will create high-quality custom software that’s extremely valuable to you.

Start here

You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible.

Paul Graham

Here at Alvin we find it exciting how simple this principle is. It is hard to implement but doable. It requires a lot of focus and attention to the details.

We apply those principles building our team, choosing the clients and building the products.

We always start small, bring value and build on top of it.

We are excited to hear about the next project you have in mind. Call us or send us an email so we can build something people will love.